Warm Florida climate means bacteria growth at a pace much faster than that found in cooler northern climates. Chlorine must be added to keep water safe to drink. Chlorine, combined with hydrogen sulfide and dissolved oxygen in Florida’s water, create a corrosive combination that can destroy even the best copper pipe in a very short period of time.

The areas of greatest concern are those that receive water from reverse osmosis purification.  The areas of Cape Coral, Pine Island, Sanibel & Captiva, Marco Island, Charlotte County, Sarasota County (south of Clark Rd.) and the beaches are the areas we have noticed to be the most affected. Naples and Bonita Springs are also beginning to be affected.  Another area of concern are those homes on well systems with high levels of sulfur.

Water Works replaces those corroded copper pipes with CPVC piping that’s made from materials not affected by corrosion. After 25 years, CPVC installed beneath piling homes has not only withstood the corrosive water inside, but survived the salt spray and salt breeze, without adverse effects.

You’ll experience peace of mind knowing that your plumbing is durable and will virtually last a lifetime – corrosion free.

Water Works Plumbing has provided the Cape Coral area with professional repiping service for 30 years. You can count on Water Works to complete the work quickly and as promised, with minimum inconvenience to owners.  We maintain a well trained and equipped staff of repipe technicians, drywall repair & texture specialists, and customer service staff to provide you with the level of service and quality you expect from the best. All Water Works service is competitively priced and guaranteed. For more information, call 574-2326 today!

In Southwest Florida, Water Works Means Quality and Expertise